{Album Spotlight}

Inouk-No Danger

Gotham says “Many bands manage to record songs that are pretty or clamorous or restful or epic... But few manage to achieve all at the same time. It’s this marriage of precision and pure rock ‘n’ roll zeal that carries the greatness of this debut album. Changing in tone, texture, and tempo, yet consistently beautiful throughout, No Danger makes for mind expanding summer listening.”



"No Danger"

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"Hula are a NY quartet that make mellow shoegazing indie-rock perfect for a lazy afternoon doing nothing in particular. On this self-titled debut Hula work their way through some slow to mid- tempo numbers that feature haunting melodies and hushed boy/girl vocals. Simply put, this is mood music that is comforting in a depressing way...if that makes any sense?"


"Over the Ground"

"Mellow Fare"

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Snowden-S/T EP

"Snowden formed in Atlanta back in 2003 and have been steadily captivating local audiences ever since. On this debut six-track EP Snowden creatively mesh the usual influences such as My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead and The Cure into a style that's all their own. Snowden effectively blend reverbed guitars and keyboards with catchy bass lines set to complex rhythmic patterns. See for yourself..."


"Good News"

"Victim Card"


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Bright Eyes- 'First Day of My Life'

Devendra Banhart- 'A Ribbon'

Morrissey- 'First of the Gang To Die'

Devo-'Girl U Want'

The Futureheads-'Decent Days and Nights'

Tori Amos-'Sleeps with Butterflies'

Josh Rouse-'Winter in the Hamptons'

LCD Soundsystem-'Daft Punk is Playing at My House'

Clor-'Love and Pain'

The Decemberists-'16 Military Wives'

Morrissey-'There is A Light That Never Goes Out'

Basement Jaxx-'Oh My Gosh'


The Arcade Fire-'Wake Up' (Live)

KIngs of Leon-'King of the Rodeo'

Dizzee Rascal-'Off To Work'

Badly Drawn Boy-'Year of the Rat'

Bright Eyes- 'Lua'

The Verve-'Bittersweet Symphony'

Gorillaz-'Rock It'

Basement Jaxx-'Romeo'

Oasis-'Supersonic'/'Cigarettes and Alcohol'/ 'Live Forever' at Gleneagles/ 'Columbia' at Hammersmith Palais










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"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen, and 8 times out of 9 I'll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities."
- Charles Bukowski


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Halloween in August...

Do They Know it's Halloween Single

Forget that We Are the World crap, this fall’s call-to-arms benefit song features a star-studded ensemble known as The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative. This single is a satire as well as a charity-benefit song with all proceeds being donated to UNICEF. The anthem features: Beck, Sum 41, The Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sloan, Peaches, Feist, Devendra Banhart, Wolf Parade, Postal Service, Buck 65, Comedian David Cross, Malcolm McLaren, Elvira (Mistress of the Dark), Gino Washington, Roky Erickson, and Sparks. Listen here

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Tell Me Now What More Do You Need...

Listen a few tracks from Michael Penn's instant classic new album Mr. Hollywood on his myspace page here. Michael is the lesser known Penn (brother of actor Sean). His wife Aimee Mann has got some some songs from her album The Forgotten Arm on her myspace page as well...listen here. If you do not yet own these albums go out and purchase them right now.

------------------------------------------------------------------Posted by: Jay

This Charming City...

Ocasionally we report on current events (...well not really), but we can't help but make note of hurricane katrina as it heads straight for New Orleans. Less than two weeks ago I took in all that this picture-esque city had to offer. As of sunday Mayor Ray Nagin declared a state of emergency and mandatory evacuation of the city. Forecasters say this Category 5 storm surge could reach 28 feet which is pretty scary considering about 70 percent of the city below sea level. "We are facing a storm that most of us have feared," Nagin said. "I do not want to create panic, but I do want the citizens to understand that this is very serious and it's of the highest nature". NHC forecaster Ed Rappaport said "There will be extensive to potentially catastrophic damage to many structures ... and inland, We'll have a lot of trees that are going to come down, perhaps millions of trees. But the first threat is going to be the storm surge. You must get away from the coast now."

Read the full story from cnn here.

These are some highlights from my trip (...this will temporarily begin to look like a food blog) hopefully these fine establishments are still standing: Acme Oyster House, Commanders Palace, Cafe Du Monde, Farmers Market, Cafe de Mello Crepe Shop, Aunt Sally’s Creole Praline Shop, The Gumbo Shop, Felix’s Oyster Bar, Krystal Burger, Crescent City Books, Faulkner Book House, Bourbon Street, Laffayette Cemetry, The Garden District, Magazine Street Antique Stores/Thrift Shops, Autoban Zoo, Jazz Preservation Hall, Mississippi River ferry and more that I'm certain I'm forgeting at the moment. New Orleans is a city that leaves an idelible mark on all of it's visitors. We hope it fares well.

----------------------------------------------------------Posted by: Jay


Late Night Sounds #17

Now Even More Poppier Then Ever...

This weeks Late Night Sounds features music from: Carter Little, Bloodthirsty Lovers, Ichiban, PAS/CAL, Snoozer, and Lump...Listen here or visit Late Night Sounds page to catch previous programs.

------------------------------------------------------------Posted by: Jay


How Punk Rock is That...

Circus Punks

Just what are Circus Punks? Well, you take 1 part knock down doll, 2 part underground artist, combined with 1 part "damn, why didn't I think of this" and your begining to get the idea. These custom knock-down doll's are available in countless crazy designs by artists from around the world. These big hairy dolls that you try to knock down have been around for over a hundred years and are now given a modern twist by artists who still print, sew , and asemble them by hand. There are over a hundred different artists (Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, The Clayton Brothers, Camile Rose Garcia just to name a few) who create thier own designs for the punks and more are added all the time so check out the all they have to choose from.

Purchase here

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Weekly Roundup...

All Rattle and Dust- Stiletto, Stiletto EP

Alright, Weekly Roundup will be a new weekly post featuring music we've received in our po box or via email. First up is All Rattle and Dust...this project is fronted by Ben Driscoll, a young guy from Iowa who sounds a bit old for his age. These songs find influence in both Social Distortion and Bob Dylan, thus creating some warm and tuneful rock songs.

"Bemidji Or Just Plain North"

"Long Shallow Dive"

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Maybe, I Don't Really Wanna Know...

Read 'Britpop 10 Years On' from BBC News here. For a more in depth look, pick up the 2003 documentary Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Britpop...view a trailer here.


Mt. Egypt and Cass McCombs play at Deroit Bar in Costa Mesa wednesday Aug.17 for only $5. Mt. Egypt is a pro-skater by day, folk singer by night, his sophmore album Perspectives is due for a release date very soon and he will likely perform some new material. McCombs's new album Prefection has already been praised by Britain's music critics... and with Detroit Bar's late happy hour how could you afford to miss this?

Cass McCombs- "Sacred Heart" (tell me you can't hear hints of The Smiths in there)...Listen to more here.

Mt. Egypt- "Battening the Hatches" (traces of Nick Drake, really?)...Listen to more here.


Blind Hips in Motion...

David Garza- May Ides 5 Song EP

Get David Garza's new EP for free (for a limited time) from his website here. Here's my favorite...

"My Baby Got Dealt the Card of Death"


Rock N Roll Inferno #9

All Killers, No Fillers...

This weeks (..er months) Rock N Roll Inferno features music from Scott H. Biram, The Konks, The Starvations, The Red Onions, The Black Keys, and The Stitches. Listen here or for past programs visit the official Rock N Roll Inferno page.


Here Come The Mods...

The Faces- Five Guys Walk into A Bar (4-Disc Box Set)

The Faces were proud boozers who specialized in raw rock n' roll and featured Rod Stewart (in pre-disco prime), drummer Kenney Jones (later Keith Moon's replacement in The Who), and guitarist Ron Wood (post-Jeff Beck, pre-Stones). This box set includes 31 previously unreleased recordings and 12 non-album tracks, as well as alternate takes (that rival originals), covers, live versions and more. There's also a bit of material from Rod Stewart's solo career if you're into that kinda thing.


"Jealous Guy"

"Cindy Incidentally (Alternate Take)"

Purchase here


Now Playing...

The Aristocrats

Now playing in select theaters and opening nationwide Aug. 12, this documentary features one hundred comedians telling the same dirty joke that has been shared privately by comics since Vaudeville. This stars Jason Alexander, Hank Azaria, Lewis Black, George Carlin, Andy Dick, Gilbert Gottfried, Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Penn Jillette, Richard Lewis, Howie Mandel, Kevin Nealon, Trey Parker, Kevin Pollak, Paul Reiser, Andy Richter, Don Rickles, Chris Rock, Bob Saget (yes, Bob Saget), Sarah Silverman, Tom Smothers, Jon Stewart and many many more...

View Trailer


Late Night Sounds #16

It's Like Crack in A Can...

This weeks Late Night Sounds features music from: Thao Nguyen, David Garza, Bobby Bare Jr., Las Sans Culottes, Killer Teen Robot, and Cagey House...Listen here or visit Late Night Sounds page to catch previous programs.


Favorite New Band Alert...

Goldspot- Tally of the Yes Men

As the story goes, Siddhartha (lead singer) moved to L.A. after an expired visa forced him to leave London and with a chance encounter with Ramy...they form Goldspot. A few months later, Tally of the Yes Men is produced. This debut album is filled with so many catchy hooks and melodies you'll be humming along to all their songs before you know it...

Listen here


Let's Go Sexin...

A Dirty Shame

Trash cinema at it's wackiest...this makes other John Waters films like Cry Baby and Pecker seem completly sane. This film stars Tracey Ullman, Selma Blair (with a bosom Russ Meyer would pine for), Chris Isaak, and Johnny Knoxville.

Billy Lee Riley- "Red Hot"

Connie Vannett- "Pussy Cat Song"

View Trailer

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Love Them New York Girls...


Morningwood will soon be on the tip of every hipsters tongue...the group features sexy frontwoman Chantel Claret backed by Richard Steel (formerly of Spacehog), Pedro Yanowitz (formerly of The Wallflowers), and Japa Keenon (formerly of Cibo Matto). They recently signed a major label deal, so check 'em out before they blow up and you can't stand them anymore.

"New York Girls"


Visit official site


Support Your Local Venue...

El Centro Cultural de Mexico is being torn down to become a parking lot. El Centro desperatly needs the help of it's community to keep it going. If you live in Orange County and you want to continue to have a place where you can express your art, music, and culture, then come on down. The centro has a month to vacate. Until then they will be fundraising like crazy. There will be several events coming up and this is the first. Performing are: The Panties, Slow, Digits, Neon Lipstick, Kill Kill The Nurse, and Terminal Dreamland. It all goes down Saturday Aug 20 at 6:00 PM (2100 N. Main St Santa Ana, CA 92706)


The Perfect Tape...

Cleaning out the garage this weekend and I found a box of stuff from my teenage years. Nestled in amongst the Depeche Mode t-shirts and Morrissey buttons were over a dozen mixed tapes that I had made. Listening to them brought back memories of spending hours locked in my room trying to compose the "perfect tape" to give to whomever I was currently infatuated with at the moment. I wanted to make that person fall madly in love with me, sure that my perfect musical choices would convey what I felt but was too shy to say. But, I was young and my music taste was not as stellar as it is now. One of the earliest mixes found held the unfortunate combination of Chicago, Marc Almond, Phil Collins, Milli Vanilli and The Boyz. It's no wonder I never gave any of them away. It sounds so silly but I think those hours spent making those tapes were some of the happiest times I ever had. The future and all the responsibilities that adulthood would bring seemed an eternity away...

Here's a couple of my favorite earliest guilty pleasures:


Lightning Seeds- "Pure & Simple"

On a similiar note...

The Art of the Mixtape- Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) looks back at the plastic gadget that first let us make our own compilations. Mix Tape shares the treasured works (and the stories behind them) of over 50 dedicated home tapers, including Elizabeth Peyton, DJ Spooky, Jim O’Rourke, Allison Anders, and Mike Watt. From the Romantic Tape to the Break-up Tape, to the Road Trip Tape the mix cassette was a new way of resequencing music to make sense of our most stubbornly inexpressible feelings as a way of explaining ourselves to someone we love, or to ourselves.

Purchase here


Podcast Picks...

Here's some suggested podcast listening for when your not listening to Late Night Sounds and Rock N Roll Inferno...


Room on Fire...

Longwave- There's A Fire

Once upon a time when The Strokes began blowing up record labels were handing out contracts to just about any hip NY band. Longwave were one of the chosen one's signed to RCA and for everyone's sake these guys were not just another hip hairdo band. You can stream their new album There's A Fire here or visit their official site to hear even more tracks.


Mark your calender...

Directors Label Vol. 4-7

The original trio of volumes released under the Directors Label series featured videos from Chris Cunningham (the genius behind those mindbending Apex Twin videos), Spike Jones (Adaptation, Being John Malkovich), and Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). These new collections (Volumes 4-7) to be released on September 13th feature the works of Anton Corbijn (Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen, U2, Nick Cave, Henry Rollins, Joy Division), Jonathan Glazer (Jamiroquai, Radiohead, Blur, Massive Attack, Richard Ashcroft), Mark Romanek (Fiona Apple, Eels, Johnny Cash, Sonic Youth, Beck), and Stephane Sednaoui ( Tricky, Bjork, R.E.M., Mirwais, Garbage).

View a trailer here or here


Country meets reggae...

Sample tracks from Willie Nelson's new album Countryman which includes covers of Jimmy Cliff ("The Harder They Come") and Johnny Cash (“Worried Man”). There was controversy (always great for record sales) over the fact that Wal-Mart had refused to stock the album with its marijuana-emblazoned cover intact. The pot leaf has now been changed to a palm tree...weak.

To further get in touch with your country roots download his Greatest Hits ...and some that will be.


Just givin' it away...

Mad Action- ...And Begin

Download the latest album from Mad Action here and watch this killer video for "Smile". Mad Action will be touring in support of Kasabian for their North American Tour. Other supporting acts include the Colour, Ringside, and the Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers...speaking of the Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers go here for a few free tracks.


Late Night Sounds #15

Now with fewer carbs...

This weeks Late Night Sounds features music from: Felix McTeigue, Pernice Brothers, Apartment, Lismore, Chow Nasty, and Fark...Listen here or visit Late Night Sounds page to catch previous programs. If you like these selections cast a vote at Podcast Alley.


Re-reading, just for the fun of it...

David Itzkoff-Lads

A hilarious, poignant, and pessimistic bio of one mans rise through New York's publishing industry (...Details, Maxim). Touching and tempermental Izkoff creates a perfect balance of raunch and redemption which makes for some perfect light reading. Lads is both hysterically funny and painfully honest while providing an insiders look at the supposedly glamorous New York publishing world. This memoir extends far beyond Itzkoff's forays into the publishing business and will touch anyone who has ever experienced frustration, self-doubt, and loneliness. David Itzkoff is currently an senior editor at Spin magazine.

Purchase here.


Conformity never looked so good...

Before heading down to The San Diego Street Scene our favorite Swedes The(International) Noise Conspiracy will play a couple of shows in L.A. this Tuesday (26th) at The Echo and Wednesday (27th) at The Poison Apple. Both shows are only $5 so you might wanna try and get there early.

For mp3's, go here


You'll be saying 'hey alright'...

The Red Onions play The Smell Friday 29th. Here's what the LA Weekly had to say "The Red Onions are an outrageously exciting four-piece outta Gardena working a serious Stooges/Black Flag/Stones/Hives hybrid." This evening has 'good times' written all over it.

"Gimme Some More"

Purchase here


Who says the '60s are dead...

The Dead 60s play The Troubadour in LA. this Saturday (30th) and Chain Reaction in Anaheim this Sunday (31st). Apparently we're kinda late on this one but what can we say? The last time we listened to the radio George Bush Senior was president and the Warp Tour was to be avoided like the plague.......

"Riot on the Radio"

Purchase here


Essential Viewing...


My newfound affection with ramen led me straight to this 1986 film that was billed as the “first Japanese noodle western”. In this satirical comedy truck drivers Goro and Gun get hungry while reading a book about noodles and go into a noodle restaurant owned by Tampopo, who just can’t seem to turn a profit because her ramen is not that good. Goro takes it upon himself to train her in the ways of noodles (in full olympic style training) as they try to uncover the secrets to making a perfect bowl of ramen. Tampopo is a comedy all about food and it’s place in Japanese culture. This story is interwoven with other clips about food (one of which features a couple who mix sex and cuisine a little too much). The film borrows certain aspects from spaghetti westerns and Japanese yakuza movies. This is directed by Juzo Itami and stars Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, and Ken Watanabe. So, if you do this right you’ll want to set aside some time to head out to your favorite noodle house for some shio, shoyu, or tonkatsu ramen afterwards. Happy viewing/eating!

Purchase here


Written word jumps to big screen...

Shopgirl Trailer

Based on Steve Martin's bestselling novella, Shopgirl is a funny and poignant story of love in the modern world. This film looks nothing like what I pictured when reading this years ago (except for maybe the character Ray Porter, which I naturally presumed would be played by Martin should this ever get moved into production). The story catches a glimpse inside the lives of three people in search of a connection. Mirabelle (Claire Danes) works the rarely frequented glove counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills and is simultaneously pursued by a struggling artist (played by Jason Shcwartzman) and a successful fifty something man (Steve Martin). Her choice? Maybe you should read the book to find out or just be a lazy sloth and wait for the film.

Purchase book

Purchase audiobook


Don't Worry, Be Happy...

The Go! Team Live

The Go! Team are a UK collective of musicans whose infectious melodies could persuade even the most dedicated wallflowers to get loose. This Thusday and Friday they make their way through The Troubadour and bring with them the perfect antidote for fun.


"Huddle Information"

Purchase Thunder, Lightning, Strike here


Free, that's right free...

Aterciopelados Live

Aterciopelados will be performing for free in Los Angeles on Saturday July 23rd at the Getty Museum (6pm) and Sunday July 24th at Amoeba Records Hollywood (2pm). Frontwoman Andrea Echeverri is in the midst of a full U.S. tour in support of her new solo album, so you can hear both new songs as well as your favorite hits.

Andrea Echeverri-"A Eme O (Sidestepper Remix)"

Aterciopelados-"El Estuche"

Purchase here


This week in fun and games...

Crimson Room

For those who have all the time in a the world (or at least pretend like you do), why not master the Crimson Room by collecting all the objects needed to escape. Afterwords make your unto the Veridian Room where the wonderful frustration begin all over again.

Get your kicks here


All Sufjan, all the time...

Highlights from Sufjan Steven's Live on performance on KCRW:


"Casmir Pulaski Day"

For complete set (conveniently broken up into individual mp3's) visit Welcome To the Midwest


New additions to the ists...

Checkout the new additions the Gothamist family

The Phillyist, the Shanghaist, and the Parisist.


Nerd it up...

San Diego Comic Con International

The Comic Con isn't just for geeks anymore...or maybe it is and we've crossed over to the other side? Nonetheless, motion picture companies, celebrities, along with game and toy manufacturers drop in on the annual event which runs this thursday thru sunday. For a program schedule for each day visit the official site.

MC Chris- "Geek"

Everybody was kung-fu fighting...

Tom-Yum-Goong trailer

Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior star Tony Jaa returns in this new action-packed film.


Another summer begins...

Cosmic Rough Riders- "Revolution (In the Summertime)"

Purchase Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine

This track is off the 2001 release Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine. The album combines the best moments from the Scotish folk-rock act's first two albums, 'Deliverance' (1999) and 'Panorama' (2000) as well as a few songs written just for this album.


Past meets future...

View 2046 trailer

Secret Garden- "Adagio"

Purchase 2046 Soundtrack

2046 picks up with In The Mood's character Chow Mo-Wan (Tony Leung) moving into in a cheap hotel and still pondering his almost-affair with a married woman (Maggie Cheung). He develops relationships with a call girl (Ziyi Zhang), a hotel manager’s daughter (Faye Wong) and a gambler (Gong Li). All the while he is writing a pulpy sci-fi novel about a hi-tech train to the future while incorporating his own memories and desires.
This film premiered at Cannes last year and has yet to be released in theaters stateside. Wong Kar Wai assembled a stellar cast to accompany the seductive visual atmosphere created by award-winning cinematographer and long-time Kar-wai collaborator, Chris Doyle. I picked this up at my local Asain video store but I hear this is also available through Netflix.


Singin' the blues...

Mickey Champion-"I Wonder"

Purchase What You Want

Here's a jazzy number from Mickey Champion's last album What You Want. Miss Mickey has played and recorded with everyone from Ray Charles and Billie Holiday to Count Basie and Johnny Otis. You can catch her perform at Little Pedro's every tuesday around 9pm with free fried chicken and cornbread buffet around 11pm and mondays at Babe's & Ricky's Inn . Don't miss your chance to catch this living legend!


Folk heaven...

Cat Stevens- "Trouble"

Purchase Footsteps in the Dark: Greatest Hits Vol.2

After watching the cult classic Harold and Maude, I was inspired to post a little Cat Stevens for everyone to enjoy. Bud Cort's brilliant potrayal of a troubled teen along with Stevens stellar soundtrack make for a memorable, heartwarming and highly dysfunctional film.



Smoking Popes- "Need You Around"

Purchase Born To Quit

The 1995 release Born To Quit featured Smoking Popes at their peak. "Need You Around" was the logical first single and even though Smoking Popes are history this cd is an essential indie-rock album full of melodic songs that will no doubt linger in your head long after their done.


Late Night Sounds # 12

This weeks Late Night Sounds features music from: Mia Doi Todd, Frausdots, The Boy Least Likely To, BBQ, Supersystem, and The Sunshine Family...Listen here or visit Late Night Sounds page to catch previous programs. If you like these selections cast a vote at Podcast Alley.


In a world of black & white murder brings just a touch of color...

Barry Adamson- "The Sweetest Embrace"

Purchase Oedipus Schmoedipus

Barry Adamson got his start playing bass for Magazine, The Birthday Party and then with Nick Cave's Bad Seeds before finally going it alone. On "The Sweetest Embrace" Barry is joined by his old pal Nick Cave for an eerie tale of a love gone sour. This 1996 album seamlessly blends storytelling with jazz, hip-hop beats, big band, industrial, and cinematic themed scores and remains my favorite amongst Adamson's work.


We're robots , bitch...

8-Bit - "Not Workin"

Purchase You Ain't No Robot

Imagine the Beastie Boys and N.W.A. as robots that rap over old school Nintendo beats then you'd start to understand where 8-Bit are coming from. Their bio states that they landed on this planet back in 2002 and have grown accustomed to the humaniod lifestyle which includes getting drunk and eating tacos...sound like my kinda robots.


Current Obsessions...

Honey Where You Been So Long is an MP3 blog that specializes in pre-war blues. Every week we regularly get schooled by wonderful selections which are gaurenteed to make a fan out of music lovers...even if you don’t like pre-war blues all that much!


Rock N Roll Inferno #7

This weeks Rock N Roll Inferno features music from: Lucidnation, The Winks, The Scotchgreens, The Dents, The Half Empties, and The Black Keys...listen here or visit the Rock N Roll Inferno page to catch past programs. If you like these selections then cast a vote at Podcast Alley.


Where to go, what to do...

Magazines of America presents Black Book List 2005- Los Angeles. This little pocket size guidebook is like the holy grail for finding the hottest restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels in the Los Angeles area. From Los Feliz to Santa Monica, from Hollywood to San Fernando Valley this book will guide you through all the best local hangouts L.A. has to offer without all the tourist traps. For all you city dwellers who get around there are also Black Book List guides for New York and San Francisco...so start exploring!

Visit site here.


This weeks propaganda...

Want to debunk your brain? Challenge things you wouldn't even consider thinking about? Good, hopefully by now you have come across at least one book in the disinformation series, but if you haven't here is a great starter. Ten bucks will get you 50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know...that's 20 cents per interesting fact! Here are some things you will find out in you're new coffee table/ bathroom reader: The first genetically modified humans have already been born. The main hero of the movie Black Hawk Down is a convicted child molester. One of the Popes Wrote an Erotic Book - The Suicide Rate Is Highest Among the Elderly and more... and just in case you don't believe these crazy facts they have a nice reference guide in the back which will lead to hours of playing "is this for real?" all over the Internet and encyclopedias...good luck!

For more information on the huge series of books and DVD's check out the official site here.


Late Night Sounds #11

New and improved now with even less talk!

This weeks Late Night Sounds features music from: The Elected, Color Theory, Laika & The Cosmonauts, The Cloud Room, Cansei De Ser Sexy, and Contact...Listen here or visit Late Night Sounds page to catch previous programs. If you like these selections cast a vote at Podcast Alley.


Local Haunts...


A place like this should be kept secret, but some things you just can't keep to yourself. Located in L.A.'s Jewish community, this venue has built quite a reputation as a place that discovers new talents. Elliott Smith, Aimee Mann, and Ryan Adams all built their reputations here. Elvis Costello, Beck, Fiona Apple, Ron Sexsmith, and Joseph Arthur have all graced Largo's intimate stage. Regular highlights include producer and multi-instrumentalist extrodinaire Jon Brion (who has been filling the club every Friday since 1996) and David Garza's frequent residencies and comedy nights as well. There is a Live At Largo CD collection in the works. Visit Largo's site to see who's performing this month and checkout their audio/video section to get a taste.

Pros: Great musicians in intimate settings

Cons: Known to get crowded/overpriced food


Music Musings...


So just how hot is this BBQ? Well let’s just say that this authentic flavored garage rock album is so smoking that if your not careful you might get burned. BBQ is actually a moniker for a one man band (Mark Sultan of The Sexareenos) who appears to be caught in a beautiful time warp of some Hazel Atkins or LInk Wray brand of rock n’ roll. Had this album been released in the late '50s or early '60s there would be some gauranteed floorshakers, some songs have such a familiar rhythms that one can’t help but want to throw on your dancing shoes and head out to your local record hop. Highlights come when BBQ borrows some of Hazel Atkins signature growls on “Tie Your Noose” or when he gets a little Buddy Holly on “Record Machine”. Songs like “Waddlin’ Around” or “Don’t Hold Out On Me” are instantly infectious and will linger in your head long after they’ve finished. This will definitly leave you pining for some more good old fashioned rock n’ roll. Listen/buy here.



Iron & Wine and M. Ward are but a couple of artists whose unique lo-fi approach has earned them their own niche in contemporary music. Now it’s Tom Thumb’s (aka Andy Arch) turn to carve his name in the tree trunk of acoustic melodies. There’s a level of sincerity that shines on tracks like the infectious Josh Rouse flavored "Motel in Phoenix" or the catchy Wilco-esque "Gracie’s Mine". Other standouts include the reflective school yard tale ‘Boot(y) Camp” and the handclapping, toe tapping tune “Wine & Cigarettes”. This entire album is littered with intimate songs whose melodies linger around in your head long after their done. Some musicians would kill to have a debut (let alone any) album as good as this. Songs From Holiday is one album that is worth seeking out...you’ve heard of comfort food well this is comfort music. Listen/buy here.


Viva Le Week-End...

Stereo Total put on a great early show sunday night at The Casbah in San Diego...the duo peformed a well rounded set which included classics (such as "L'Amour À 3", "Nationale 7", and "Holiday Inn") as well as material from their new album. They even got a little help getting the crowd going from the energetic opening one-man act Hawnay Troof who joined the duo onstage for a few songs. Despite their lowbrow stage antics Stereo Total are a first rate act. Here's some mp3's.


Late Night Sounds #10

New and improved now with even less talk!

This weeks Late Night Sounds features music from: Tom Thumb, Rogue Wave, Metronomy, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, and The Legendary Shackshakers...Listen here or visit Late Night Sounds page to catch previous programs. If you like these selections cast a vote at Podcast Alley.


Benny Benassi and The Biz- Hypnotica

Italian club sensation D.J. Benny Benassi delivers a full length album that brings his dirty dancefloor electro-house out of the clubs and into your ipod. Hypnotica is filled with bleepy electro songs that all flow in such a similair fashion that you'd think this was one giant club mix.



Fun with M.I.A.

Add your own beats to M.I.A.'s vocals or just listen to others here.


Here's a few creepy trailers of some films that may or may not be playing soon at a theater near you...

Rob Zombie's The Devils Rejects

George Romero's Land of the Dead

Wes Craven's Red Eye


This weeks Rock N Roll Inferno features music from: The Irish Brothers, BBQ, The It's, Turbonegro, The Murder City Devils, and The Urgencies...listen here or visit the Rock N Roll Inferno page to catch past programs. If you like these selections then cast a vote at Podcast Alley .


This weeks Late Night Sounds features music from: Colin Meloy, Sam Roberts Band, Lismore, Jennyanykind, The Faraway Places, Zap Mama and Soundrix...listen here or visit Late Night Sounds page to catch previous programs. If you like these selections cast a vote at Podcast Alley.


Checkout some sweet soul music from British vocalist Jamie Lidell's upcoming album Multiply from Warp records (...yes Warp records) available June 13. Preview a few tracks and pre-order from boomkat.


Amadou & Mariam- Dimanche A Bamako

Often reffered to as ‘the blind couple of Mali’ Tinder and Miriam met at a school for the blind nearly thirty years ago and have been performing together ever since, granted their first cd wasn’t released until 1977 (Penny Nor Tilé). International music star Manu Chao (a legend in his own right) tracked down the African duo to produce this album titled Sunday in Bamako. With a help from Manu, who often guest spots, this album should have what it takes to reach a wider audience and possibly make them the Buena Vista Social Club story of the year. You can order this through amazon.

'La Realite'


Coachella Day 2

Well it wouldn't be a music festival without all the exhibitionists and pot smokers. Being a Coachella veteran I've come to terms with the fact that the bigger the festival gets, the less amounts of bands I will be capable of taking in. So aside from more people, some of the things we had issues with in previous years were: the long lines to get in, the parking, and the time delays in between sets, but from our standpoint promoters seem to have remedied all of these problems. This year my only beef was with really tall guys, guys with cowboy hats, and really tall guys with cowboy hats who always popped up in front of us blocking our view (..funny they never seemed to be there when we staked our spot?) at nearly every performance. At least these were not the assholes who pushed and shoved their way in as the band in question would began playing. This might not have been the most memorable Coachella, however this was the smoothest Coachella we have ever experienced...and the cooler tempatures were definitely a plus.


Started the day off watching Diplo spin a killer mix in the Sahara tent. (Bonus points for the cool screens).

Jem sings her heart out.

Caught a little hip-hop courtesy of Beans.

The first showstopper of the day was M.I.A.

She even got the indie kids dancing with anthems like 'Sunshowers', 'Galang', 'Bucky Done Gone', and '10 Dollar'.

The Futureheads rocked some three-part harmonies (unfortunetly the wind blew their sound around).

Somewhere way over there is Gang of Four...and they got down!

The Arcade Fire was really the second highpoint for us (even though they had some sound issues during the opening of their set).

New Order anyone?

Bernard Sumner jumbo screen close-up.

Peter Hook jumbo screen close-up.

Stephen Morris jumbo screen close-up.

As you can see, we came for New Order, they performed classics like "Bizzare Love Triangle' and 'Regret' as well as a few Joy Division songs.

British Sea Power doing their thing.

Caught some of Nine Inch Nails on the way out (yeah I missed NIN's complete set and The Faint and Bright Eyes but that was a small price to pay considering that we got out of the parking lot and home in about an hour and half! How rock and roll are we???? For more pics go here.



About as far from trendy as trendy can be Old Scratch Revival Singers have all forms of roots music covered with styles ranging from bluegrass, ragtime, Dixieland, and gospel.
This Iowa sextet manage to create an album that is truly refreshing by mishmashing styles that are about as old as dirt. Purists will say that these genres have all been touched upon, but they’ll always have something to complain about. Every once in awhile a band will come along that does something exciting with roots music...this is one of those bands. The highlights are in abundance so do yourself a favor and seek this one out. Catch a taste here.



If you enjoy music that is wordy, confessional, and altogether poetic then you need not look any further. Bora Yoon is a NY singer-songwriter who pens thought provoking lyrics set to jazz influenced folk. Proscenium (describing the two-dimensional plane that separates the offstage world from the onstage) draws inspiration from artists such as Ani Difranco, Beth Gibbons and Joni Mitchell and is filled with great storytelling set to seducing guitar and piano melodies that grow on you with time. Bora didn’t win the John Lennon songwriting contest (for the song “All Day Through the Rain”) or the Billboard song contest (for the song “Poetry vs. Coincidence) for nothing. This is the second solo album from a remarkable talent with a true gift for wordplay. You can listen to Bora Yoon via her myspace page or go to her official site.


Bob Dylan- Chronicles Vol.1     

I guess it should really come as no big surprise that Bob Dylan’s new memoir (much like his music) is riveting and full of insight and depth. Chronicles Vol.1 begins with Dylan’s move from Minnesota to Greenwich Village circa 1960 and brings to life all the influential books he discovered, the establishments he frequented and the people he met. Greenwich Village comes alive through the pages as Dylan reflects on poignant moments in his life and encounters with people whom he found inspiration in (i.e. Thelonious Monk, Gorgeous George, Jack Dempsey, and Frank Sinatra Jr.). Something else worth mentioning is the rustic lingo he uses, phrases like “scallywag”, “roustabout”, and “phoney baloney” are the sort of down home style Bob writes in. Dylan comments on the sorry state of radio (…some things never change). “I still kept turning the radio on. probably more out of mindless habit than anything else. Sadly whatever it played reflected nothing but milk and sugar and not the real Jekyll and Hyde themes of the times. The ‘On The Road’, ‘Howl’, and ‘Gasoline’ street ideologies that were signaling a new type of human existence weren’t there, but how could you have expected it to be? 45 records were incapable of it.”

You also get a real sense of his love for written word- “There was a letter from Archibald MacLeish waiting for me on the table. MacLeish, Poet Laureate of America-one of them. Carl Sandburg, poet of the prairie and the city, and Robert Frost, the poet of dark meditations were others. MacLeish was the poet of the night stones and the quick earth. These three were the Yeats, Browning, and Shelley of the new world,were gigantic figures, had defined the landscape of twentieth-century America. They put everything in perspective. Even if you didn’t know their poems, you knew their names.” He even slams the door on truth- “Truth was the last thing on my mind, and even if there was such a thing, I didn’t want it in my house. Oedipus went looking for the truth and when he found it, it ruined him. It was a cruel horror of a joke. So much for the truth. I was gonna talk out of both sides of my mouth and what you heard depended on which side you were standing. If I ever did stumble on any truth, I was gonna sit on it and keep it down.” Chronicles explores critical junctures in the early years of his rise to stardom and works it’s way unto what would be called the later stages of his career. Simply put this memoir is a literary must for Dylan fans as well as those less enthusiastic to his music. Buy here.


   Bill Hicks- Satirist, Social Critic, Stand-Up Comedian    

This is the first official DVD release from the late stand-up comedian Bill Hicks. This contains three classic performances “One Night Stand” from Chicago, “Revelations” from London, and “Relentless” from Montreal ” which feature Bills brash sense of humor that earned him comparisons to Lenny Bruce and Sam Kinison. Hicks died in 1994 long before he ever got a chance to rise to stardom and one thing i’ve noticed is that there is alot of talk of Bill’s in-your-face humor, however not enough is mentioned about how he was a thinking-mans comic (a la George Carlin). His abrasive humor shines in a bit where he calls non-smokers “obnoxious, self-righteous slugs” and there is plenty of Bush bashing (Bush senior) as well. In addition, there are also poigniant moments when he talks of how we can end world hunger. Accompanying this disc is a touching 40 minute documentary titled “It’s Just A Wild Ride” which features family and friends (David Letterman, Jay Leno, Eddie Izzard, and Richard Jeni) reflecting on Bill’s life and work. This is a perfect introduction to those who haven’t seen/heard Bill Hicks material. Visit his official site here.


This weeks Late Night Sounds podcast features music from: Bora Yoon, The Microphones, Old Scratch Revival Singers, Heavy Trash, Irving and Tigrics...listen here or catch past programs here. If you like these selections cast a vote at Podcast Alley here.


This weeks Rock N Roll Inferno podcast features music from: Crystal Skulls, The Clamour, The Guilty Hearts, Lady Killers, Grabass Charlestons and Volumen ...listen here or catch past programs here. If this rocked your ass then cast a vote at Podcast Alley here.


A Tale of Two Sisters
Part psychological thriller, part mystery, part ghost story. The plot unfolds when two sisters return home and have to deal with their evil stepmother and a haunted house. The details of their past and their real mother are sketchy and are filled in slowly over time. This movie has an eerie slow building quality combined with beautiful shots that fans of David Lynch would appreciate. If you liked The Sixth Sense or The Others then you should definitely seek this one out. View trailer here.


MC Chris

Some of you slackers may have became aware of MC Chris while stoned Sunday night watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. His entire first album Life's A Bitch and I'm Her Pimp is available free for download on his official site...here's a couple of highlights.

"Fette's Vette"

"The Tussin"


New to theaters nationwide...

Eros is three short films from three world-class directors (Michelangelo Antonioni, Steven Soderbergh and Wong Kar Wai) that address themes of love and sex. The film is in Cantonese, English and Italian, with English subtitles on the foreign-language segments...view trailer here or go to official site here.


Writer/director Todd Solondz new film is a haunting fairy tale that deals with abortion and underage sexuality. You can rest assure that there will be scenes that humiliate and degrade the characters, hell there's even a term for it, it's called: "Solondzian cruelty." This is the same guy who brought us uneasy-to-view films like Happiness, Storytelling, and Welcome to the Dollhouse...prepare to squirm. View trailer here.


Having just posted on the U.K. grime compilation Run the Road, I couldn't help but wonder why Audio Bullys weren't on there or why they din't blow up for that matter? Go to their egowar jukebox here and sample tracks from one of the best albums of last year.


Stream tracks from the Run the Road compilation which features some of the latest and greatest on the U.K. grime scene...this features music from Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, The Streets, Lady Sovereign, Kano, Terror Danjah, Goodz, Target and more.


Aimee Mann is about to release a new concept album album, The Forgotten Arm due in stores May 3. In the mean time, she's offering an iTunes Originals album which features acoustic versions of songs as well previously unreleased material.


Stream new Oasis single "Lyla" on myspace...this is off the forthcoming album Don't Believe the Truth album (set for a May 30 release date) and promises to be a the Oasis that blew you away and an Oasis you've never met.


This weeks Late Night Sounds podcast features music from Mark Geary, CocoRosie, Iron & Wine, Die Romantik, Crystal Skulls and Aerobic Jonquil...listen or go to website. If you like these music selections, give us a vote at Podcast Alley here.














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